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Why Buy When You Can Hire From As Little As £35.00

Need A Horse Trailer For Half A Day? Maybe a Long Weekend? We can offer hire & rates to suit you
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Our horse trailer hire rates start from as little £35 for part day hire
to £695 for season hire giving
the customer the chance of one of our horse trailers for as little
As £26.72p per week.

Why Buy When You Can Hire

Advantages to horse trailer hire.

  • No up-front purchase cost to buy the horse trailer
  • Horse trailer hire as and when you need to use it
  • No worries over long-term horse trailer storage and security
  • Always have a well maintained horse trailer to use
  • No horse trailer maintenance costs or repair work
  • You won’t lose money on depreciation


Take A Look To See What Would Suit You And Your Needs Best.

Ifor Williams : HB505
Ifor Williams most popular horse trailer, the HB505 will carry two horses of up to 16.2hh. It is no coincidence that this trailer is seen at countless
horse shows throughout the country. Fifty thousand trailers have been produced since the original trailer was launched, and it is the most
popular horse trailer in the UK and much of Europe.
Designed with horse safety and comfort in mind, the side-by-side stalls are ideal for
transporting two medium sized horses.

Unlaiden weight 905kg
Weight capacity 1435 kg
Max gross weight
2340 kg

Ifor Williams : HB401
The single horse trailer, The HB401, is wider than most available, allowing plenty of room for a 16.2hh horse. Identical in every aspect of comfort
and build to its larger stable mates, the 401 is designed to carry a single horse in comfort and safety.

Suitable for towing behind many larger family cars, it boasts a tapered, aerodynamic front section to offer less drag and better fuel economy
for the towing vehicle. A big advantage when travelling long distances.

This single horsebox trailer makes no compromise on width, and provides a wide and inviting stall. This ensures the trailer has excellent stability
on the road, with plenty of room for the horse to travel in comfort. The additional space also makes loading and unloading much easier.

Unlaiden weight 770kg
Weight capacity 830 kg
Max gross weight
1600 kg

Ifor Williams : HB510
For owners of larger horses up to 17.2hh, the HB510 is the ideal choice. Similar in style to that of the HB505, the HB510 offers a more spacious
alternative.For larger horses or those simply wishing to have extra room, the HB510 is an excellent choice.

Longer, wider and taller, the stalls are generous and inviting to your horse. Add to this the benefits of a wider front ramp, and the total extra
space makes loading and unloading easier and safer for both horse and owner.

Unlaiden weight 1000kg
Weight capacity 1584 kg
Max gross weight
2584 kg

Wireless camera systems
Our range of unique digital wireless camera systems are extremely quick and easy to fit.
We understand that your cargo is precious, that being able to quickly and easily check
that your horse is safe means that your journey will be less stressful. Our camera systems
also enable you to adjust your speed, or driving style to suit the needs of your horses and
ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition.

Wireless camera for your own peace of mind  can be added to the hire charge for £10

Important information for anyone wanting to tow a trailer

A trailer is anything towed by a vehicle. So caravans, cattle/horse boxes, car transporters etc. are all trailers. So is a broken down car towed
by another vehicle, and the driver of the towing car usually needs to hold a B+E licence.

Drivers who passed a car test on or after 1 January 1997 are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to
category B+E which allows them to tow trailers with a maximum authorised mass in excess of 750KG.

For further information on towing law visit:

Horse passport law

Since the Horse Passport law was enforced in 2004, all horses in the Great Britain must be issued with a passport and be entered on the National
Equine Database. Penalties for not holding a passport include a statutory maximum fine of £5,000 per offence or imprisonment for a term not
exceeding 3 months - or both.

Since 1st August 2009, when new legislation came into force, you must carry your horse’s passport with you each time you make a journey made
by vehicle - regardless of its distance or destination.

For further information on passports visit:



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